Learn to SPEAK English Online

How can you learn and practise spoken English on the Internet? How can you have conversations and correct your pronunciation?

[photo: woman speaking to laptop]

Some possible answers are:

  • Online lessons with a teacher
  • Language exchange online
  • Web or mobile apps with speech recognition technology

Online English lessons

Online English lessons with a real teacher, via Skype or Zoom for example, have big advantages. You can choose your teacher. You can have 1-to-1 lessons any time, any place or join small group lessons. The cost is low, and the first lesson is free or very cheap, so you can try before you buy.

How to find the best teacher for you

Websites on the list below offer a big choice of teachers. It’s important to choose one that’s right for you. Think about:

  • Do you want a native speaker of English? A non-native speaker may be cheaper but still good.
  • Do you need a teacher who also speaks your language?
  • Which variety of English do you want: British, American, Australian etc? Or doesn’t it matter?
  • What kind of English are you looking for? General English or English for business, for example?
  • Do you have any other special requirements?

Some places to look

italki.com offers one-to-one English lessons from a very wide choice of experienced teachers. There’s helpful information about each teacher + a video introduction. Costs are low. The first lesson is even cheaper, so you can make sure the teacher is right for you.
live-english.net offers both personal and small group lessons for conversational and business English, with a free trial lesson. Do you need to prepare for a job interview in English? There’s a special course for that too.
lingoda.com provides small group classes at all levels (cheaper than one-to one lessons). Book a class any day any time. Lingoda gets very good reviews.
EnglishTutorOnline.com – one-to-one or group classes with qualified and experienced UK and US teachers. Free trial lesson, free ebooks and other extras.
fiverr.com is a source of many cheap independent services. On the search page, type English teacher or English conversation, or any other inexpensive service that you need, such as translation.

Language exchange online

This is a no-cost way to practise your spoken English with other learners. Websites like tandem.net and conversationexchange.com can match you with English speakers who want to learn your language. Choose someone with similar interests to yours and have conversations in each other’s language. It can be an interesting cultural experience too. Busuu.com offers free conversation exchange as well as paid courses.

Web and mobile apps

Learn English in your own time on your mobile device or computer. The courses are interactive. When you speak, these apps can ‘listen’ and correct you.

Babbel  has a free 7-day trial, then a small monthly cost.  Babbel is good for intermediate-level conversational English. To make further progress online, you may need more advanced level courses and/or an online teacher. 

Rosetta Stone‘s language learning software caters for low and advanced levels. It aims to teach you to speak English in the real world. And the TruAccent® speech engine aims to perfect your pronunciation. Rosetta Stone also provides opportunities to chat with other learners and real teachers.

Duolingo   can be used for free, but is only American English. It’s good for basic vocabulary and pronunciation, but not so good for conversational English.

Rocket Languages is also U.S. English only, but otherwise a good choice for improving your speech. There’s a 60-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied.