Office Humour

Some English idioms about laughter – and trying not to laugh in funny situations

Listen, read, and guess what the idioms mean.  Then check below.

A Very Funny Joke

Somebody told a very funny joke at the office yesterday, and we were all in stitches for five minutes afterwards. Then the boss came in. He was in a bad mood and started to talk about a work problem. I couldn’t forget the joke and I couldn’t keep a straight face. The boss asked me what I was smiling at. When I told him, he just looked at me and said nothing. I thought he was going to throw me out. But then he burst out laughing!


in stitches – laughing so much that it hurts

funny cartoon

keep a straight face – not smile or laugh when something funny happens

burst out laughing – laugh suddenly and loudly

Practice: choose the right idiom.

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