A New Job

Some useful English idioms about dealing with new jobs or other life situations

Listen, read, and guess what the idioms mean.  Then check below.

Finding your Feet

When you start a new job, it takes some time before you feel confident and familiar with the work, the place and the people.

Ideally, an employer recognises this and allows you to find your feet before taking on anything too difficult.

But life isn’t always ideal, so you may be thrown in at the deep end, and then you either sink or swim.


find your feet – get used to a new situation:
‘On her first day, the new gardener was still finding her feet.’

funny cartoon

thrown (or jump) in at the deep end – go into a new/difficult situation without any preparation or help; (like throwing someone who hasn’t leaned to swim into the deep end of a pool)

sink or swim – survive (or not) without help

Practice: choose the right idiom.

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