Business success

A news item with some English idioms about money and business ventures

Listen, read, and guess what the idioms mean.  Then check below. Success

Two young entrepreneurs, who started a new Internet business two years ago, have today sold the business for £3,000,000.

Jenny Curtis, co-founder of, says, ‘Everyone thinks we’ve made a killing, but it was hard work. For the first 18 months we couldn’t make ends meet – I couldn’t even buy a new pair of socks! When the business finally got off the ground, we worked 18 hours a day for six months.’


make a killing – make a big profit quickly

‘Joe made a killing when the 8-legged spider-men visited Earth.’

funny cartoon

make ends meet – have enough money to pay for necessities

get (a project) off the ground – launch or start to be successful

Practice: choose the right idiom.

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